D’ONE (Concept)



Designer: Jiaru Lin
Project Type: Concept
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Donut
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, translucent film

D’ONE was created to introduce a new way to appreciate donut. The packaging design for donut have been coming from a box of six or more, or with a snack bag. The downside is that the flavor usually jam together, for example frost went on to another donut or powder went all over inside the box. To find a solution, My inspiration was to design a packaging that contains one donut at a time, avoiding flavor mixed and easy to grab-and-go.

Materials And Production:
The carton is made of 100 lb recycled Bristol paper. When the packaging is produced on paper mill, the dodecagon-shaped dieline can be pieced closely like a big modular shape. It leaves little space for wast of paper.

D’ONE packaging includes a fork, a plate, and a donut. These three elements interact with people: from attracted by the packaging, to opening the packaging, and to enjoying donut. The flow is a full experience and one of a kind.

What’s Unique?
D’ONE is a small but exquisite packaging design for donut. The concept is to enhance the experience of eating donut. The design is a clean and modern approach. White color contrasts with the donut’s flavor color so that the visual hierarchy focus on the product— donut. From attracted by the packaging, to opening the packaging, and to enjoying donut with fork and plate, I hope people can appreciate donut more with D’ONE.

D’ONE packaging includes a fork, a donut, and a plate. The bottom carton not only serves a container for the donut, but also can be transformed into a beautiful plate when its unfold. It brings surprising and joyful experience when people open the packaging. The dodecagon shape avoids the packaging from rolling around, and is easy to stack on a shelf too!