Fish Sauce | The Spirit Of Vietnamese Cuisine (Concept)

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Creative Agency: RIO Creative
Design Team Leader: Tuan La
Graphic Design: Tuan La, Viet Do, Dzunh Le, Tuan Chelsea
Account & Copywriting: Nguyet Anh
Creative Director: Tung Juno
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Fish sauce, shrimp paste, bean paste, rice vinegar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper label
Printing Process: Digital printing

Cause images directly impact to the consumer’s consideration and then encourage them to buy, design is one of the powerful weapons for strengthening the attraction of products in the market. Understanding the advantages of eye-catching points, RIO TEAM decided to create those below package series in order to broadcast our traditional culture all over the world. Simple but attractive, every single product embrace the pride of Vietnamese farmers about our food cuisine.

What’s Unique?
Inspired by ancient wood cut techniques, bonus with the breath of modern designing styles, we use series of retro patterns to remind people of long history of fish sauce. More than specializing on showing products, we try to contact with consumer’s feelings when approaching product.