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Creative Agency: Veobrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Yo,Verde
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Screen printing

Sure, olive oil is delicious, perfect for a salad dressing or for cooking your favorite meal, but it’s also good for you. In developing the branding and packaging for Yo,verde, Veobrand used this as inspiration for the oil that would actually be distributed in pharmacies instead of grocery stores.

“Naming and packaging design for the early harvest olive oil ‘Yo,verde’ (I, green). The biggest benefit an olive oil can provide to health is for the cardiovascular system, that’s why the main protagonist is a pixelated heart.”

“It is distributed in pharmacies, so the design should be far from those visual codes used by most gourmet oils in the market with the aim of getting the target consumer identifies with a healthy and young product.”

While Yo,verde is certainly a premium quality product, the market is slightly different than those simply looking for something to dip fresh-baked bread into. The branding and packaging look similar to that of health beverages or protein shakes, while the bright white bottle emphasizes a pure product. A pixelated heart on the center of the bottle is immediately eye-catching with its glints of lime green, and it simultaneously communicates its heart health while also speaking to a younger, hip audience.

“The main appeal of the product is its bright and intense green colour and its multiple benefits for health, that’s why we seek soft and round shapes, pure lines and a simple but powerful graphic design to highlight the concept.”