Huerto María’s

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: LSO Fuego
Creative Director: Rubén Álvarez
Art Director: André Meiggs
Brand Manager: Nahomy Carré
Brand Psychologist: Luiggy C.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Huerto Maria
Location: Tingo María, Perú
Packaging Contents: Coffee Grains
Packaging Substrate / Materials: carton
Printing Process: Digital printing

This beautiful story, begins in Tingo Maria, with an 8 year old girl, who left her studies to devote herself to work in the field. Mary was growing up and while this happened she learned the importance of the love and effort that women had for their work. She, like so many women, endured unremitting hours of sacrifice. They even had to take newborns to the countryside to stop production. A sincere Heroic work.

Tingo María, is an Amazonian city with a great tourist attraction, tropical climate and women with a great personality. Self-love and the responsibility to provide their families with a better living condition, make Maria a living tribute to the Peruvian Woman Luchadora. That mother who does not rest and does not stop.

This story is named after Mary, but we know that it can also be yours.

What’s Unique?
This packaging for us is special because it represents a different and exclusive way of presenting the quality of the Huerto María coffee and also of presenting the concept and communication of the value of women for their land, their customs and for that day of effort a Day to achieve their goals and represent not only a city, but a whole a country.