Creative Agency: Dessein
Directors: Geoff Bickford, Tracy Kenworthy
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Poach Pear
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Packaging Contents: Pate, Rillettes, Terrines, Condiments
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Flexography

Poach Pear is an artisan producer of hand-made charcuteries including pates, terrines and rillettes. Their reputation for creating beautiful food in small batches to ensure premium quality is matched only by their passion for sharing them. Revitalizing the brand’s shelf presence with a refreshed range of packaging conveying their artisan qualities and reiterating the brand called for a unique packaging solution.

Sold in reusable glass jars has proven the best way to present and preserve the pates & rillettes, and while a string and swing-tag solution around the lid of the jar was initially successful, Poach Pear felt it didn’t represent the brand qualities and traditional French methods of how they are made. The terrines were packed in vacuum-sealed packs, labeled with a sticker and displayed horizontally – meaning they weren’t necessarily able to be displayed alongside the jars of pate and rillettes.

What’s Unique?
Replacing the swing-tag with a simple sleeve wrapped over the jars provided the opportunity to expand the brand presence with a provincial design by introducing playful silhouetted illustrations representing the primary proteins and ingredients. i.e., chilli, farmhouse, pork, chicken and duck.

Creating a tapered package shape for the terrines mimics both the loaf tins they were made in, and the product shape itself. An alternate second package reverses the taper shape allowing the terrines to be displayed upright, side-by-side in a zig-zag arrangement. This solution now allows the terrines to be displayed alongside of the jars of pate and rillettes. The addition of a die-cut pear shape window showcases the quality of the produce on the terrine packaging and reinforces the Poach Pear brand.