Pr0fessionelle Zigaretten (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Julius Müller
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Euskirchen, Germany
Packaging Contents: Cigarettes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Continous Ink Jet

The package was created as a printable template to glue together by oneself. With the new warnings of the TPD2 in Europe, you can now have a still nice looking package. It resembles the look of the German website ” “, although I decided to have a white background for most of the package, as it would be costlier to print a black background, like on the website.

The text “20 Pr0fessionelle Zigaretten” gives the package a unique look, as it is shifted to the left and right, respectively. A small warning at the bottom of the pack is my suggestion to decrease warning size and incorporate warnings into the packaging, like it was done in Europe until the early 2000s. It says “The führer was against smoking.” on the front and “Tobacco smoke doesn’t contain vitamins.” at the back to criticise the new untruthful warnings on the packs (They now say “Smoking kills.” instead of “Smoking may kill.”)

I chose the name “German Tobacco Company” to draw attention to what the big tobacco companies and governments are destroying in the tobacco industry. Many brands and even tobaccos ceased to exist because of regulations and bonding of tobacco firms.

What’s Unique?
The package is printed on 160g/m^2 matte paper and has a white paper-“foil” inside. It is held together by grey Panzerband.