Bols Genever Barrel Strength

van heertum design VHD

Gasthuisring 23, 5041 DP Tilburg, Nederland

Creative Agency: Van Heertum Design VHD
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lucas Bols
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Genever
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottle, labels, wooden box
Printing Process: Offset printing, foil stamping

Lucas Bols, creating spirits in Amsterdam since 1575, produced Bols Genever Barrel Strength. This very special blend of (best described as) Dutch Gin, aged for 8 years in a one single oak cask, which was kept in ‘the Paradise’, the place where the master distiller of Lucas Bols keeps the most beautiful spirits. From this one cask only 400 bottles could be filled (by hand).

For this special limited edition we created a packaging design in which craftsmanship, history and quality needed to be very important features. Next to the bottle and the labels, featuring the special Bols Genever logo, a tailor made wooden box was created to symbolize the one single oak barrel the spirit was kept in for 8 years. This box speaks to the specific process through which the spirit is made. Upon opening the box, the consumer sees the rich amber hue of the Genever, which is surrounded by light wood on the inside. This makes them feel closer to the distilling process. Outstanding details on the label, such as fine script, and silver foil accents add an element of sophistication and add a bit of vibrancy to the otherwise dark, rich packaging. The bottles were filled by hand directly from the barrel. To symbolize this craft, we also wrote and numbered the labels by hand.

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