Caza de Tortillas

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Citrartwork
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Caza de Tortillas
Location: Indonesia
Packaging Contents: Tortilla Chips
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

The challenge of helping the new brand, Caza de Tortillas- tortillas chips, that are different, a fun and innovative design. It must have some personality and can be a leadership in the category. A design that will be appealing to people of all ages since the product is loved by kids and adults. The packaging line is divided into 5 different flavors.

Design includes all to create a new identity and logo. it was must fun and innovative yet thematically and linked but act in accordance with each other in one concept which is not just positioned as a healthy product, although it does incorporate health claims and benefits.

Millennials as a target market.
They tend to snack far more than older generations. It is very common for Millennials to regularly have snacks in the mid-morning, mid-afternoon and late at night.his also relates to Millennials’ lifestyles. They are seldom alone. They travel in groups or are always about to meet up with someone. They tend to get together for drinks and snacks regularly. Even at work, it is common for them to bring snacks to meetings, even passing the bag around for everyone to share.

Food is a big component of their social lives. Millennials shop a wider range of channels than other generations and tend to purchase at places better known for ‘instant consumption’ than for planning ahead. Basically, wherever they happen to be, they are probably open to buying a snack if one catches their eye. This is not surprising since Millennials tend to be impulse buyers who want what they want when they want it. Millennials use their smartphones for everything from constantly texting friends, to staying connected through social media, to researching and buying products online.

Citrartwork combine “fun” and “focus” as main ideas for the packaging design, the main illustration is consist of five illustrations which represent each flavor yet link to each other like a puzzle. The package reminding consumers that while it’s a snack, it’s still good for consumers through the each health messages of concentration issue which written on the back side of this tortillas chip bag. Referring to the fact eating the right foods can improve people memory, lift their mood and help them concentrate for longer. Health message on back side is all about factors that impair focus, such as hunger, stress, lack of activity, environment and lack of sleep. Fun yet healthy message is merged through the illustrations of each flavor.

In addition, this design will remind consumers to read back side snack or labels appear in each product they purchase refers there are so many consumers who are not accustomed to reading the back side of snack packaging including food labels because of the boring design boring message, full of text factors. The survey also shows that the reason that people don’t bother reading the labels is that they are not interested in the information especially kids they are don’t get it at all. 10% claim that they don’t understand what is written and 10% don’t believe the data printed there.

“The health message on Caza de Tortillas’s back side packaging will allow consumers to understand the significance of the markings on the label so that they can make intelligent choices as to what to put in their mouths. This information can help in selecting the foods that are appropriate for our personal needs, such as low-sugar or need spicy hot foods to awake them. By spot difference games on back side packaging, these tortillas will attract the buyer to pay attention and observe the back side.

What’s Unique?
Meanwhile “Caza de tortillas” means “Hunting the Tortillas”. The games will persuade the consumer to hunt the healthy message, benefits.

The concentration game is one of a point of orientation on the package that draws a shopper’s eye and communicates the essence of the proposition yet educating. It does not only attract the kids but also adults because spot difference games is a GREAT brain exercise for anyone.

Spot the difference is a fun game that helps buyers and consumers to concentrate, think, and learn to notice detail. The various flavors persuade the consumers to buy the others flavors also complete the whole picture like a puzzle. They will find products that look great on the outside yet success to explain what’s in the box. Caza de Tortillas’s packaging is easy opening, reclosable. Flexible packaging is the choice refers to there’s too much innovative packaging as to waste too expensive for costs. Flexible packaging is worth repeating to buy and produce. It also has a low material-to-product weight ratio and provides many functional options, such as strength and barrier properties to extend shelf life. It is cost-effective, allowing fast production in many applications, including bags, form fill and seal, flow wrap, stretching and shrinking, and disposal is also easy.