Daarzel Chocolates

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: BASE 501
Founder and Design Director: Shefali Desai
Senior Graphic Designer: Nikita Braggs
Photographer: Simran Kumar Puri
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ambriona Cacao Blends
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: cacao, dark chocolate, almonds, coco beans, cookies, cream, hazelnut, peanut, muesli
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, gold foil, foil printing, emboss, perforated, matte, spot UV
Printing Process: Screen printing, foil stamping, offset printing, digital printing

Ambriona CACAO BLENDS PVT LTD is a premium grade chocolate manufacturing company which offers a range of high quality chocolates made from the finest cocoa beans & gourmet ingredients which are sourced globally. Under the main umbrella brand there are two chocolate categories, Ambriona and Daarzel

Daarzel Chocolates targets more of the mass audience with it’s unique package design, showcasing the chocolate, it’s visual appeal and structure as the main core of the packaging design concept, along with the core ingredient of the chocolate in the centre. Daarzel is known for it’s out of the box funky flavours, which leads to it’s more vibrant colour palette of bright blue, crimson red, hazelnut brown and banana yellow.

The idea of showcasing the chocolate as the main package was to attract the audience with it’s unique engraving of cacao bean pods on the chocolate, along with easily identifying the flavour of the chocolate.

What’s Unique?
As a brand Ambriona and Daarzel chocolates bars have a much higher proportion of cocoa solids which are directly extracted from the cocoa beans as opposed to other commercial bars. The Daarzel packages are designed simplistically, emphasising on the chocolate it’s size, shape, structure and engraving and the key flavour through the vibrant colour palette, making it an eye popping visual delight.