Via Bergognone, 7, 20144 Milano MI, Italia

Creative Agency: Break Design
Account Director: Laura Cremonesi
Art Director: Luca Franceschi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: CasaModena
Location: Milan, Italy
Packaging Contents: Food

Giravolte, a Casa Modena brand, is a tasty and ready-to-eat dish. It is sold in the refrigerated section in supermarkets and it easily fits in a modern, fast-paced lifestyle. It has been on the market for several years and consumers see it as an appetizing, cheerful product. Due to a lack of communication, however, sales do not live up to the brand’s full potential, especially in a growing market such as the one of ready-to-eat refrigerated dishes. Casa Modena intends to refresh the Giravolte brand and make it appealing to a younger target, both by updating the existing line and by creating a whole new line featuring a Finger Food (teenager friendly) version of Giravolte.

It was necessary to refresh the brand according to its new offering and target, staying true to its key identifiers.

Having been on the market for many years, Giravolte has acquired the needed legitimacy to become a brand of its own. Furthermore, the new offering moves away from the more traditional positioning of Casa Modena. For this reason the mother brand endorsement was removed from the logo. The “Crocca & Fila” (crispy and stringy) descriptor was added to the traditional line of Giravolte in order to stress its pluses over competitors’ products. The reversed “R” in the descriptor was enriched with an “explosive” graphic sign to convey crispness. In the new photo the product stands out on a cutlery while the angle of the shot focuses on its crunchy coating. This, together with the representation of the ingredients, increases the overall appetizing appeal.

The new Finger Food line is addressing a younger target, therefore stronger colours (unusual for the segment) appear next to the traditional light blue (freshness). “Finger Food” acts as a sub brand and its reversed “R” adds a touch of playfulness. The hand holding the sub brand name together with the main visual (a paper cone) add to the on-the-go and young nature of the new Giravolte line.