Platinum Vodka (Concept)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Jan Baca
Co Author, 3D modelling: Jozef Baca
Project Type: Concept
Location: Görlitz, Germany
Packaging Contents: Vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Foil stamping, Screen printing

Platinum vodka is a perfectly fine and clean premium vodka produced by Helsinki Group. In 2016 we were approached by representatives of Helsinki Group to take part on pitch for a new bottle design of Platinum vodka.

Our design inspired by vertical architectural forms features straight, clean lines and unique side cuts coming continuously from the bottom to the top merging smoothly into a dark-grey plastic lid with metallic glare. Sides of the lid are enriched with diagrid structure to give the bottle even more exclusive crown.

The visual execution of the label is minimal, so the overall shape stands out. A geometrically styled rosette matching the side cuts became the main graphic element and makes a symbolic bridge between the original and new packaging.

What’s Unique?
Continuous side “cuts” on the bottle running from the very bottom ending up in the lid.