Stardust Wine



Creative Agency: the Labelmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Paper: Silver Orion by UPM Raflatac
Typography: Ropa Soft Pro by Lettersoup
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Ezimit Vino
Location: Macedonia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, Wood, Paper, cork
Printing Process: Screen printing, Foil stamping, Offset printing

The Stardust wine label design – emotional and exciting project

After our first contact with EZIMIT winery it was quite clear we have to start from the ground level to completion.

My first steps were focused on brand creation – I needed a memorable word and a story behind to tell with my label. Among few more Stardust was the choice of my hart and intuition and this is how all started.

This label is some sort of metaphor where the stardust is the magic of your wishes, emotions and dreams and the wine inside the bottle is what actually makes you feel them so that they come true in your imagination. Stardust is the magic of wine – from the moment of its creation at the winery till the time you enjoy it in your glass. The idea to use a star was mine, but initially I designed the label with 7 beamed star and then the brand owner asked me to make the beams eight because that was the national star of Macedonia – good idea and good example of excellent collaboration.

As you all see this is not a short story so I needed a longer label to tell it the best way. All Stardust labels are applied on same bottle wrapping it from side to side. The paper I chose for this design was as stellar as the project demanded – Silver Orion by UPM Raflatac. Its elegant pearl shine finish with very fine embossing was perfect for my idea to use solid background colors for the red wines in the range and also amazing choice to preserve the natural look of the paper for the whites.

Different hot foils and raised partial varnish were used to enhance the visual impact of the label.

Stardust wine label is very contemporary project where typography has its own special place. All texts on the label from brand name to alcohols use the amazing Ropa Soft Pro font family by Lettersoup.