Taste Pack Subscription Box (Student Project)



Designer: Emily Mendoza
Project Type: Student Project
School: PrattMWP
Course: Visual Communications II
Tutor: Cindy Koren
Location: Utica, NY
Packaging Contents: Assorted snacks
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Branding concept for diverse snack subscription box. This box not only brings delicious snacks to the consumer from around the world, but also helps to educate and spread diversity. This box is meant for the snack connoisseur or for anyone and everyone that just loves snacks.

Each box is monthly and comes with 8-10 full-sized snacks, one monthly collectible sticker, a snackport (passport) to collect monthly stickers, and a content card with information and fun facts on what’s in the box and where they comes from.

The project is meant to, not only teach students about branding, but also to understand the process and development of products. I chose a snack subscription box as my product because, for the most part, everyone loves snacks. What better way to spread diversity than with something people love!