Jutti – The sole of Punjab (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Tasneem Syed and Gauri Arora
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute Of Design
Course: Packaging Design
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Footwear (Jutti)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 1.5mm Kappa Board, 4 Clear Board, Jute String, Self Adhesive Paper
Printing Process: Flexography

A Punjabi Jutti is a hand crafted, traditional Indian footwear worn majorly in North India and the neighbouring regions. They come in various designs and colours. Like any other footwear, the juttis are packed and given to their customers in normal cuboidal shoe boxes or also sometimes simply wrapped in newspaper and handed over to the customers.

A unique characteristic of this kind of footwear is that it has no left or right distinction.

The packaging of ‘Jutti- The sole of Punjab’, is compact and unique just like the Juttis. Its hexagonal shape makes it convenient for storage as it consumes little space and is also easily stackable while displaying in stores and transporting in bulk. The box can be used as a display, which then doubles as package for the juttis for the customers to take home, thus enhancing the experience. The transparent lid enables the customer as well as the shopkeeper to have a look at the design of the jutti inside the box without having to open it up completely, and at the same time allows the shopkeeper to pull out the desired jutti while it is stacked on the shelf. The package also comes along with a jute string attached to it, thus not requiring any other external package to carry the jutti in.

This is taking a step away from the conventional shoe boxes and making the experience of selecting, buying, packing, taking home and storing a pair of juttis, a memorable one. The package comes in two colours – for women and men.