Hampton Creek’s ‘Just’ Packaging Redesign



Designed by Hampton Creek
Chief Design Officer: Sean Wolcott
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Mayo, Dressing, Cookies, Cookie Dough
Location: USA

Reimagining Our Packaging
Designing something just. A packaging redesign that helps make the right choice the easy choice.

You may have noticed something a little different about us at your local grocer. We’ve said goodbye to our brown paper packaging and hello to a vibrant new look for all of our products. But rest assured that what’s inside is as amazing as ever.

From painterly mayo swipes and lush salad greens to mouth-watering cookies and cookie dough, our bottles and box graphics depict both the kitchen craft of food and the beauty of nature. This is a big departure, but it’s designed to benefit everyone from the store shelf-stocker to the everyday shopper.

Whether you’re shopping for Just Mayo in Mexico City or Just Ranch in Beckley, West Virginia, we hope our new design make it easier to find what you need quickly.

The Backstory
Arugula leaves were captured in every light and from every angle. And the number of photos we took of mayo swipes was a little obsessive.

When we started over with the look and feel of our products, the result had to be beautiful, relatable and had to help tell our story about creating a just food system. We wanted to unshackle ourselves from what conventional wisdom said delicious, healthier and more sustainable products should look like, so our design team embarked on a months-long journey to do just that.

It took hundreds of swipes and every spare bottle we could find to arrive at the right ones to photograph our Just Mayo jars. If you look closely, complex flavors like Sriracha and Chipotle have more complex motion swipes than their simpler counterparts and the presence of subtle marks from the teeth of a knife add dimensionality to the labels.

Our Just Dressing labels are no different. From Chipotle Ranch to Caesar, each flavor has a distinct leaf on the bottle to differentiate between them. After countless trips to the local market, we arrived at the right arugula for every scrumptious occasion. Once again, shoppers can take a cue from our hues — bolder flavors bear brighter labels while mild ones have more muted tones.

For Just Cookie Dough, arriving at an effortless, appetizing spoonful was the name of the game. When other brands’ labels warn “do not eat raw,” please do dig into our eggless edibles — Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake.

And finally, when you looked at our Just Cookies boxes, did you ask yourself: “Where’s the other half?” Clearly someone gobbled it up or shared it with a friend. Either way, our Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Espresso and Peanut Butter packaging is unexpected yet approachable and stands out on the shelf.

We hope you like what we’ve come up with and we welcome your feedback. This is just the beginning, as we strive toward building a just food system by making delicious, healthier, and more sustainable products.