Paris Croissant


Creative Agency: 2S Global Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Paris Croissant
Location: Korea
Packaging Contents: Pastries

The SPC Korean group is an entity which mainly operates in the food industry, notably in the bakery and confectionary sectors, and holds the Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant and Shany brands. It entrusted us with the global design of their most premium brand, which counts more than 20 shops in Asia and worldwide: Paris Croissant. Our mission relied on bringing our premium French touch in all communication mediums.

Creation of a new identity for the Paris Croissant brand:
Paris being the French capital of bakery and pastry, we drew our inspiration from the ancient Parisian bakeries’ style, to conceive the new Paris Croissant identity. The typography has been refined through two approaches: tradition and modernity. The wheat symbol is included to reinforce the brand’s universe. It has been graphically designed in several ways, including a pattern, which can be used either in print communication; or in space design. The different versions of the logotype have been conceived for each communication medium, to create a strong and coherent visual identity.

Our concept:
The French art de vivre. French people share a way of life inherited from their culture. They appreciate wandering, watching historical monuments, sitting around a coffee, going shopping…

Going to Paris Croissant means stepping into French culture. It is about taking the time to taste a good pastry, in a decor, which is built to immerse you in the heart of the French capital. It implies engaging oneself in tourism and discovering the city through the packaging specifically conceived to match with the brand’s universe.

We declined this new packaging and merchandising concept for the Christmas and Valentine’s Day festivities, selecting the most appropriated monuments for each theme. To establish coherence between the new brand image and the boutiques, the SPC also entitled us with the decor of a flagship boutique in the French neighbourhood of Seoul: Seorae.

What’s Unique?
The graphic design: In Paris, some neighbourhoods are well-known for specific pastries. To illustrate this, each monument has been chosen for a specific pastry.