Bloom – Peony Perfume (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Lola Téllez
Project Type: Student Project
School: Facultad de Bellas Artes
Course: 4º
Tutor: Gema López
Location: Salamanca, Spain
Packaging Contents: Peony perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper and glass
Printing Process: Digital printing

Bloom is a new brand of perfumes that has hit the market. They look for an image that demonstrates quality, solvency, elegance, freshness, highlighting the natural character of their products. They seek to surprise the customer and highlight at the point of sale. For this, they try to surprise the costumer and create a creative design that keeps the bloom concept in all its pieces.

It is worth mentioning the launch of its new peonies perfume that contributes to build the brand with the concepts already mentioned and a very close communication line that will be carried out in both traditional and online media.

It is mainly aimed at a young female audience, between 20 and 50 years, who seeks elegance and try new things. As exclusive perfumes are also aimed at people wishing to make a special gift.

Packaging is a very important part for this brand as they are dedicated to selling perfumes. The product will coexist with the customer in his home, in a private space, when he has special occasions or daily use. It produces an assimilation, an intrusion in the day to day that does not get another piece of communication.

This is where it is very important to reflect the concepts and philosophy of the company. Surprise the client, take care of the aesthetics and, especially, the concept of bloom.

When opening the box unfolds and appears a burst of color, freshness, flowers, which surprises the user, simulating the flowering of a peony. While on the outside it has a very simple, white, minimalist design.

As for the bottle, it is inspired by the concept of yarn. It is made of glass stained by a range of roses (which comes from a color study of the peonies). Being transparent allows to see the diffuser, which has golden specks simulating pollen. Using it would be as if you were spraying with the flower’s own pollen.

What’s Unique?
On the one hand, convey the concept of bloom of the peony through a packaging that is deployed. And on the other hand, to close the concept by means of a bottle that is inside the packaging and that simulates to be a stamen. With all this is achieved a surprise experience in the customer that conveys the values ​​of the brand (freshness, elegance, solvency, natural …)