Light Up . Blue

Derrick Lin


Designer: Noriaki Suzuki
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Amoureux
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Patisserie
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

AMOUREUX is a bakery shop dedicated to making patisserie with tea, we exploring a wide variety of tea in daily life to apply in patisserie for adding elegant flavors and depth of variability. Fusion aesthetic design, we strive to create the most recognizable patisserie and wedding gift box.

AMOUREUX is located in Taiwan, and we know that only Japanese designer can create real Japan style package design, therefore, we work with Japan designer Noriaki Suzuki to create the [日向.青or Light Up.Blue in English] simply for expressing the Japan aesthetic beauty.

Suzuki-san use the Japan’s traditional pattern, Checkerboard, as main topic, each check presents the different patisserie flavors, we have 32 flavors in total till now, and the Checkboard interpret the full and abundant tasting experiences. The Checkboard is a historic totem which is created from Edo era(1603~1867), then spread all over the world, such as F1 car racing flag is designed with it.

Clean and neat wedding gift box design reflects the delicate and elegant, with 12.6 inches (32CM) large golden size, the box can accommodate 30 to 40 packs of patisserie. Every couple would like to be unique, thus we offer them to customize themselves own wedding gift box, they can choose the flavors they want and we also offer the 3 colors ribbon to wrap on box and 2 colors lifting rope on bag.