Smeg x Ocado Colour Coded Packaging (Student Project)



Designer: Luke Dodridge
Project Type: Student Project
School: Kingston University
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Emily Wood
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: All refrigerated goods
Printing Process: Screen Printed or Digital Print

I have created a strategical intervention for SMEG that solves incorrect refrigeration of food and drink at home. The solution comes in the form of colour coded packaging through a collaboration with Ocado.

Each packaging element is coded in a specific colour that relates to the shelf and draws it should be stored in to ensure the given product lasts the longest. There is a graphic on the back of the box the groceries are delivered in that tells the customer what goes on what shelf.

This solution will reduce food wastage, reduce the excessive purchasing of food, it will help to raise awareness of how to correctly store food in the fridge and it will help to encourage a 50’s inspired frugal mindset. It is a common problem people not storing refrigerated goods properly. Milk is pretty much always stored in the door. However this is the worst possible place to store it, as it is continually opened and closed, meaning the milk warms when it is open, and then cools down again when closed. This continual change in temperature leads to products going off, before they should.

The design is inspired by 50’s style packaging aesthetic. It is still a concept and all elements were either screen printed or digitally printed.

What’s Unique?
A colour coded packaging solution that promotes how to correctly refrigerate food has never been made before. There is a real need for it in this age of food wastage. Encouraging a frugal mindset has never been needed more than ever.