Tomato Sauce Organics Mariani

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Ricardo Pletes
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Organics Mariani
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Tomato Sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass
Printing Process: Offset printing

Organics Mariani is a rural family brand, located in the south of Brazil, that commercializes juices, jellies, sauces, “in natura” products, among other items. For the featured product (Organic Tomato Sauce), the challenge was to create a design with low implementation cost and great visual impact to set this product apart from its competitors, still maintaining the organic background of the brand. To achieve this, it was created a strategic combination among clean space, strong bright color and the tomato picture itself. Giving to this design a great visual impact and credibility to endorse the organic origin of the products.