Baristo Coffee – Mood Of The Day

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Creative Agency: Grupo Criativo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Baristo
Location: Santa Maria, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper cup
Printing Process: Offset

Baristo is a coffee company located in Southern Brazil mainly present in POS of major universities. Besides appreciating the quality of products and consumer satisfaction, the brand has always sought to provide moments of leisure during the consumption of their drinks by using irreverent communication.

In order to expand markets and mature the company’s communication, Grupo Criativo recognized the iconic status of the cup and gave it a personality, making the communication closer and more spontaneous. By giving life to the cup, the concept of interaction was reinforced and the company’s values were transmitted in the product also. Six cups were created, each representing moods already consolidated in the Emojis’ virtual language. It is the internet’s lifestyle reflected in the consumption of beverages. To intensify the relationship with the young target audience, the previous hashtag #momentobaristo evolved to ‘discover your #momentobaristo’.

The project was established in harmony with the company’s visual identity. The chromatic palette based on the Emojis’ color palette, and the friendly typography and style of illustration highlighted the cups and detach them from the obvious in a visually homogeneous segment. The use of rhymes in the verbal language reinforces the irreverent tone. The mascot interacts with the environment around it in the packaging and other developed POS materials – materials that reinforce the visual identity exploring color blocking and photos of the main ingredients.

To facilitate the maintenance of the machines, the inputs are packaged separated by color and type of beverages. Some packaging was developed in special metallized cans for the soluble beverages in small portions to domestic consumption.

What’s Unique?
Always paying attention on the new movements of society, the Baristo Cups engage the customer by proposing him to share his moments of relax, making physical and closer the virtual communication so present in young people’s life. Inspired by social networks, they entertain and reflect the spirit of the university’s target audience.