Creative Agency: Yel.submarine
Designer: Bea Janoni
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rafaela Braz
Location: Catanduva, São Paulo, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

BARRA is a soap shop from São Paulo, Brazil. There are six handmade and natural soaps with ingredients chosen to awaken the relaxing power of the bath. Inspired by natural beauty, the products include coffee scrub for exfoliation, honey and oats for hydration, chamomile and aloe vera for sensitive skin, cucumber and algae for invigorating action, almond oil and green clay for renovation and coconut oil, almonds and aloe vera for an extra tan.

What’s Unique?
BARRA brings a new concept of a spa at home. That’s why an essential detox, exfoliating and moisturizing kit has also been thought to make the BARRA experience more special. A super-simple beauty routine.