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Derrick Lin


Structural packaging design: Think Packaging
Additional Credits: Mat Stott & Ben Pearce
Graphic Design: Nick de Jardine
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: David Trubridge
Location: Auckland
Packaging Contents: Lighting, product
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 1.5mm E Flute corrugated cardboard
Printing Process: Screen Print & Label

David Trubridge (DT) approached us with a very clear brief – improve our packaging system.

For a while, DT had been packing their products into boxes that haven’t been up to their required standard. Inserts not working or fitting well, complicated assembly and without the final presentation that they deserved once opened.

This is mainly due to the products now being shipped and distributed to the USA. With different rules and regulations, some of the light fixtures have to be changed out from NZ standards to US standards. This means that the entire product needs to be pulled out of the box, the new fixtures loaded in and re-packaged for the second time. Resulting in boxes left bulging with different, bigger parts squeezed into them. This needed to be addressed and a new packaging system was to be developed to fix this.

We created a practical system for the NZ fixtures to be easily taken out and swapped with the US items when required, to eliminate the double up of unpacking and repacking. The solution was in the front, bottom side of the box. Designed so once the initial top flap is opened the bottom falls down, presenting a pullout tray that contains all of the fixtures and parts. This slides in and out effortlessly and completely separate to the top insert holding the products – meaning that the product itself is kept snug in their cut-outs at all times and the change out is clean and unlaboured.

Now David Trubridge has a solution to their problem – a well considered and practical packaging solution.

Final imagery thanks to & copyright © David Trubridge

What’s Unique?
The sliding drawer – meaning that you do not have to unpack the top insert first.