How Iconic Labeling Helps the Biggest Brands Succeed



One of the biggest factors for a brand’s success is visibility. Having consumers recognize your brand name or logo helps to keep your products fresh in their mind and at the top of their list when it comes to upgrading. This requires a few things. First, you need high-quality labels and physical branding that will actually stay attached throughout the product’s life. If the label’s falling off, why would anyone trust the company it came from? Second, the label needs excellent placement. Although there are a few exceptions, your label should be seen but not exactly front-and-center on your item. Finally, a label should be simple and identifiable. A customer needs to be able to recognize it the moment they see it.

Building an Identity
Let’s take a look at three major clothing and shoe brands: Nike, Vans, and Levi’s. The Nike “swoosh” is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, and it’s seen all over their clothing and shoes.

Their footwear, in particular, has taken an interesting turn as they have become much more expressive and full of color. Still, the label on every shoe is easy to spot and allows you to immediately recognize it as a Nike shoe. Now, the next time you go out for a run and take a look at your beat up kicks, your mind is going to flash back to that Nike label.

Another shoe company, Vans, goes for a slightly different approach. The label on Vans shoes is planted firmly on the back heel, the bright red contrasting sharply with the clean white sole of the shoe. Not only does this catch your attention, but it also lets you identify the shoe from any angle. From the front, you might be able to recognize the signature Vans style. If not, then you’ll be able to get a glimpse when they walk by.

The Levi’s brand is built almost entirely on heritage, familiarity, and reliability. As such, they use a leather logo imprinted onto the back of their jeans. People associate the jeans with comfort even during hard work, and the leather only helps to add to the effect. Leather and fabric care products can create an almost “Wild West” feel to the product, distinguishing the brand even further.

Not Just the Contents
While the quality of your product is a very important motivator for customers to choose your brand, you’d be surprised at how much the packaging comes into play. According to Forbes, 95% of new products fail. While some of them might not be any good, many of them are actually great products. The problem is that customers are creatures of habit. They find a brand that they like and then, for the most part, stick with it. That is, until something else comes along that really grabs their attention.

Labels and packaging that are iconic or that really pop can draw eyes to your product. In the age of social media posts, everyone is dying to share their new Tiffany box, classic Coca-Cola bottle, or Chanel perfume. That’s because the packaging is recognized by everyone as a status icon. While they probably want the product, they also very likely crave the status that is associated with the packaging. For companies interested in creating this type of product but without the manufacturing tools required, I recommend looking into some contract packaging partners that can help you accomplish it.

A Change of Scenery
Whether it’s after a rough patch or just looking for an updated look, major brands change their appearance all the time. When customers see a familiar brand in a new package, they’re more likely to give it a chance. The human thought process is a complicated and very strange one, and sometimes even little details about a label can dissuade somebody from purchasing it. That’s why so much thought goes into the creation of labels. From the color of the label to the font type to the actual material, there are a lot of decisions that must be made.

Having so many options can make for an overwhelming process, but it helps to try and look at it as a good problem to have. You have nearly unlimited power at your fingertips: there are so many ways to create a label that’s unique and powerful enough to help your brand soar. Do your research, pick aspects that align with your brand identity, and get your name out into the world. With the right tools and a little bit of luck, you can be in the 5% of products that succeed this year.

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