Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In October 2017

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Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of October 2017. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Whistle Blower Tea Co. packaging design by Black Squid Design

As a growing company in a saturated market, Whistle Blower Tea Co. wanted stand out as the premium tea, with a brand that represented their philosophy of honesty, quality and sustainability. To achieve this the brand had to be repositioned, starting with a more contemporary logo and retail packaging, to share a clearer more targeted message.

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David Trubridge Lighting structural packaging design by Think Packaging

For a while, DT had been packing their products into boxes that haven’t been up to their required standard. Inserts not working or fitting well, complicated assembly and without the final presentation that they deserved once opened.

This is mainly due to the products now being shipped and distributed to the USA. With different rules and regulations, some of the light fixtures have to be changed out from NZ standards to US standards. This means that the entire product needs to be pulled out of the box, the new fixtures loaded in and re-packaged for the second time. Resulting in boxes left bulging with different, bigger parts squeezed into them. This needed to be addressed and a new packaging system was to be developed to fix this.

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Do you mind a Dracula’s teeth inside your vodka? Too Much Blood packaging design by

Vodka with caramel raspberry tribute to Christopher Lee, one of the most influential actors in horror movies. Inside the bottle floats a characteristic Dracula’s teeth. The label is stamped in the form of dracula teeth that fits with the facing of the product. Its presentation in Halloween 2017 would be supported with wellcome-pack and led lights that make of this bottle a spectacular product.

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ELLINIKOS KIPOS Salad packaging design by Superfy

Name, logo and packaging design for “ELLINIKOS KIPOS” (Greek garden) fresh cut salads by Get Foods Private Company P.C.. Inspired by the beautiful botanical prints of Vilmorin Andrieux and with references from geometry, the Greek scripts and the common paper grocery bag.

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Mrs. Wormwood gin #packaging design by Chad Michael Studio

A secret gin recipe taken to the grave that now, years later, has been mysteriously resurrected for all to enjoy. Bottled and distilled by Wormwood & Sons.

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Sea Foam packaging design student project by Tanya Farba, Alexander Kirzhbaum, Alexander Belyaev & Bowman Ere

Imagine the situation — you are on vacation. Relaxing on the beach. Enjoying the beautiful seascape. Would you like to prolong the pleasure and extend the moments of your long-awaited holiday? So do we! “Spread a moment of happiness!” That’s our slogan.

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Keogh’s Premium Crisps #packaging design by Brandpoint

Having crafted the original brand identity back in 2011, crisp and potato brand Keogh’s returned to Brandpoint in 2016 to review the design strategy in order to better reflect their traditional Irish roots, enhance standout in the ever increasing premium crisp category, and assume a high quality aesthetic.

The aim of the redesign was to communicate the Keogh’s unique proposition of handcooked crisps ‘Grown with love in Ireland’ on their family farm. This involved creating an entire suite of brand assets, from photography and illustration to an in-depth brand book piece, which have become the foundations of the new brand identity.

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Adam’s Cold-Pressed Chocolate packaging design by The Collaborators

Seed Fund winners Adam’s Raw Chocolate have been working with The Collaborators to launch a new brand of organic cold-pressed chocolate. Finely crafted and packed with exotic raw ingredients, the brand required a sophisticated design to support its premium price tag. The design team used an antique press to form the focus of the pack with the rare Criollo tree growing lushly from one side and ingredients specific to each flavour sprouting from the other. The concept denotes these bold mineral-rich foods being compressed down through the Adam’s brand name to create the carefully cut squares of chocolate, glimpsed through the cacao pod shaped window. Hand-etched illustrations were created in-house at The Collaborators and appear on a dark backdrop of all-encompassing colour to represent the intense flavour hit and luxurious rich texture in every bite.

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Chocolocuras truffles packaging design by Supperstudio

The characters of Cuqui Cookies, Dark shark, Orange look …. and the rest of this chocolate truffles family, can change their heads and their bodies to create new ones and drive us crazy. The color and the naming of each product transmit notoriety and presence at the point of sale to the brand. Chocolocuras is impulsive, and fun.

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Space Age Cosmetics #packaging design by Burak Ozcan

Space Age is a cosmetics brand that I have designed for my make-up artist friend. The concept is about creating a brand that speaks to all women who feel strong, cool and passionate. The brand aims to speak to a technology loving generation and tries to have a more diverse voice by giving the message that you are the most beautiful thing in all universes no matter what other people say. Most cosmetics branding looks the same and tries to show the perfect beauty image with their heavily Photoshopped imagery. Space Age tries to break the norms by using space themed cool illustrations on the packaging and other touch points.

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