Creative Direction and Design: Yarza Twins
Strategic, concept and overview: Silas Amos Ltd
3D Photography of the bottles: Officina Poligonale S.L.
Big format printing: Image Factory UK
Small format printing: FE Burman
Shrink bottles: Berkshire Labels
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Vodka
Location: London, United Kingdom

We collaborated with HP and Smirnoff to create a limited edition bottle based on the concept of diversity. We created these bottles in collaboration with HP and using the HP SmartStream D4D technology that allows creating variable data at a click, making thousands of unique different bottles out of an artwork.

These bottles were printed with Indigo using 7 colours: CMYK, Orange, purple and green, allowing a colour palette that covers about 90% of Pantone colour range and making them look pretty similar to our project in RGB on the screen.

HP wanted us to create an impactful campaign to launch their new D4D and we wanted to push the D4D to the limit. We created more than 900 bodies and hats that would swap 9 colours, 21 different faces that represent diversity and 21 patterns made entirely from the shape of Smirnoff’s iconic eyebrow logo all this combined created the special edition bottles, posters, t-shirts, tote bags etc. The project ended being an explosion of colour and shapes that represented the diversity in our world living in harmony. The final project included these bottles, an event in London that held more than 150 of the best designers in the city, a series of videos explaining the printing process at HP Barcelona and a series of click by click videos to understand how to use D4D.