Designer: Regina Kaun
Project Type: Student Project
School: Univesidad de Monterrey (UDEM)
Course: Materiales y Formas
Tutor: Maria Elena Franco Caballero
Location: Monterrey, México
Packaging Contents: Multifunctional vase
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Seed paper, peat pellet
Printing Process: Inkjet printing

Ixhua is a handmade ceramic vase made by mexican women that has a dual function or double purpose, it has the potential ability to grow a plant.

The idea was born from the need to help the environment and to make people aware of how easy it is to grow plants. When buying an Ixhua, you are also supporting Mexican crafts made by women in need of work. Inside the ceramic container, it contains a compressed Canadian moss pellet, which works to germinate seeds. The label is printed on seed paper, which contains types of varied seed that are germinated to grow their respective plants. In these photographs, it is paper baby’s breath flower seeds. There are also seed papers that contain carrot, chia and clover seeds. The label is clean and ecological to prevent distraction from the seeds and/or ceramic vase. The vase is without pottery glaze to maintain the natural feel of the project and to avoid containing chemicals.

What’s Unique?
It’s a handmade double function product in which the product itself is the packaging, and it contains the tools for growing plants. It’s meant to function as a piece of art but also could be used as a flower pot, pencil holder, or other uses. The label is printed on different types of seed paper, each with different seeds of plants such as baby’s breath (flor de nube, pictured), clover, carrot and chia. It contains the instructions on how to grow them.

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