Creative Agency: Kingdom & Sparrow
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Falmouth, UK
Packaging Contents: Beer

Overboard – a beer celebrating Kingdom & Sparrow’s location in Cornwall
To round off a great year, Kingdom & Sparrow were inspired to brand their very own beer. Their work gets delivered to clients and customers all over the world but is created in their Cornwall-based branding studio. It overlooks the busy Falmouth docks, so what better way to celebrate their work than drawing (literally) on the extraordinary history of trading and smuggling alcohol right outside their window.

The intricate pen and ink drawing captures the world of Victorian spirits shipped to new shores. It sits off the sleek, modern beer can to bring skill, knowledge and innovation together.

The beer was supplied by the talented brewers at Electric Bear, who have been working with Kingdom & Sparrow since their launch two years ago.