Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In November 2017

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of November 2017. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Zizzi takeaway packaging system by Pearlfisher

Looking to reinforce its presence by capitalising on the consumer desire for convenience, Zizzi turned to Pearlfisher to develop and advance its takeaway offering. Following a deep-dive exploration into the future of food and drink, Pearlfisher’s Strategy team identified an opportunity not only to position Zizzi as a leader in the takeaway space, but to reimagine the possibility of a takeaway experience entirely.

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SoulSpice packaging design by studiograu

Studio Grau created the brand design of SoulSpice. A new spice brand, that is good through and through. They not only pay their farmers fair prices but invest 50% of their profits back into social projects and the growing area. This way they can offer the highest quality of the spices and live sustainability. Together with their farmers they strive to cultivate original varieties to ensure the best taste and biodiversity. All the spices are imported in the whole and ground just before packaging.

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SLOW beverage packaging design by OPUS B

“Slow” is a concept for a calming, anti-energy drink whose package inspires a new ritual for consumption. Not only will the drink itself calm us down, but the package will encourage us to take a moment for ourselves. The slim-neck bottle design allows for slow dispensation into a cup, so you can stop, take a deep breath, and explore the manifesto of slow.

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The Life Laundry – Luxury Washing Detergent packaging design by Anthem

The category of detergents is driven by scientific innovations, performance and cleaning power, but our clothes don’t get dirty that much anymore, our kids don’t play outside and we wash garments after a single wear. Our clothes need to be cared for instead of being repeatedly treated with chemicals in the regular wash.

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Absolut Vodka Dias De Los Muertos gift pack #design by Sunny at Sea

Absolut Vodka is one of the world’s most prominent spirit brands. Through generations they’ve challenged the world’s understanding of art and design. Our task was to create a gift pack for the Mexican holiday Dias de Los Muertos to raise the perceived value of the product.

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Kostr seafood packaging design by Matt Ellis

Kostr is dedicated to bringing the fresh and quality seafood to your table. Kostr’s sustainable fishing techniques allow them to provide the highest quality of nutritious seafood to family and customers. Every person who works with Kostr puts care and attention into choosing only the best seafood for all our products — from the fishermen to the plants to distributors and retailers.

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Gekko shampoo and shower gel packaging design by OPUS B

Minimalistic design puts the functionality of the product in the foreground. In order to quickly identify basic categories of products, two contrastive colours of packaging have been used – one for shampoos and the other for shower gels. After all, most men buy just the basic variants.

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3 Rios (3 Rivers) wine packaging design by Moço – Wine Branding

3 Rios (3 Rivers) is a wine born in the Minho – northern region of Portugal from Vinho Verde DOC. This wine was inspired by three rivers and created with the most influent vine varieties from each of these area. The Minho river with the Alvarinho vine variety, the Loureiro vine variety from the Lima river and the Avesso vine variety from the Douro river. The label “invites” the consumer to discover the rivers using a detachable, looking for an interplay between the consumer and the wine history.

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Luca & Linus Olio d‘oliva packaging design by Tibor Hegedues

Luca & Linus, the small fine pasta factory from Naples in Italy, now also offers hand-picked olive oils. There are 2 flavours – a slightly fruity and an intensely fruity one. The oils both come from Campania, a region located in the southwest of Italy on the coast. With its capital Naples, it unites the most important and – some would say – the best Italian cuisine has to offer: pasta from Naples, mozzarella di bufala and the special piennolo tomatoes. The olive oils are naturally organic and are produced exclusively by selected olive mills of the region for Luca & Linus.

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JUS • Juice Up Saigon packaging design by M – N Associates

JUS • Juice Up Saigon is a raw, cold-pressed juice company. Founded in Sep 2015 by three people sharing the same love for a healthy life, their journey starts from Saigon, one of the most busiest city in Southeast Asia. Juice Up Saigon offers a simple, delicious way to integrate plant-based health into a busy life because they believe that nutritious and delicious juices could be made practical and ready for everybody.

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