Xique – 35 Anniversary Toy Package

Derrick Lin


Designer: Shuang Wu
Project Type: Student Project
School: Rhode Island School of Design
Course: Package Design
Tutor: Aki Nurosi
Location: Providence, RI, USA
Packaging Contents: Toy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Laser printing

“Xique” was a trending toy back in 80-90s China. Most of the young generation Chinese share a common nostalgia to this kind of toys as well as the past old days. This repackaging project suppose that the toy was put back into production and would be sold as the toy’s 35th anniversary special edition. It would be a gift from precious childhood times to all the grown-up young people.

A simple little box opens as a rich and delightful pop-up greeting card. The package itself could also be reused as a wall calendar of 2018.

What’s Unique?
The contrast between the simple outside appearance and the lively inside pop-ups gives the customer a big surprise. It intends to let them feel the preciousness of the childhood times. The additional function as a calendar also resonance with the theme of the passage of the time.