Creative Agency: OurCreative.
Creative Director: Jon Dignam
Senior Designer: Joe Wallis
Project Type: Concept
Location: Leeds, UK
Packaging Contents: Sparkling wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

In 2015 Great Britain held a vote to leave the European Union. The outcome was a a 52%/48% split—in favor of leaving. OurCreative. decided to spin the divide into a bittersweet celebration, creating 52:48. The prosecco is made with 48% British sour grapes and 52% sweet grapes to reflect the EU Referendum.

The name is a reflection of the vote’s results, and the prosecco comes in a box that is inspired by a ballot box. The dark bottle is sleek, and gold foil adds an elegance that one would expect from Great Britain. The tongue-in-cheek wine concept and the description of it being “bittersweet” adds personality and humour.