IVmeer – a luxury packaging concept

Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: KOLBUS GmbH & Co. KG
Project Type: Concept
Location: Rahden, Germany
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 2 mm black paperboard, covered with high-quality paper
Printing Process: UV gloss varnish, gold foil embossings

The perfume packaging concept IVmeer demonstrates an example for a product launch with a low start up production volume.

Luxury packaging has been a significant barrier to entry into the luxury consumer goods industry for small, artisanal producers that create highly desirable goods but do not have the required market access for any growth. Such manufacturers of high value goods will now be able to procure suitable luxury packaging at both small quantities and affordable prices.

The KOLBUS system for deluxe packaging production mechanizes the manufacturing of luxury packaging items that have so far been mass-produced by manual labor. The system comprises the design of the packaging as well as the design of the machines themselves. Packaging manufacturers and users benefit from vastly improved quality and significantly shortened delivery cycles as well as substantial labor savings, repatriating luxury packaging manufacturing back to the luxury good’s home markets.

KOLBUS is a 243-year old German engineering company with about USD 140 million in sales. KOLBUS designs, builds and installs industrial paper converting machines and machines for luxury packaging. For brand owners or packaging manufacturers, KOLBUS offers design ideas and consulting for packaging solutions under its packaging label August & Christine Marie – Luxury packaging by KOLBUS.

Based on a imaginary project, the perfume packaging IVmeer was designed and published 2017 by the in-house KOLBUS design team and produced exclusive to demonstrate the industrial production quality for this rigid box style.

What’s Unique?
The project IVmeer is an example for a luxury perfume packaging. This slide and lid box is manufactured of 2 mm black paperboard (Eska®black) and covered with high-quality paper (Fedrigoni Ispira 120g/m²). The inlay offers optimal protection and hold for the flacon. This packaging provides not only protection for the product but presents a special unboxing experience while form and design make it extremely well-suited for a presentation packaging.

The packaging captivates through modest linear design and at the same time it stands out by a deep orange colour. Gold foil embossings on the outside emphasize the warm character of the box. Paperboard makes it strong, UV gloss varnish provides a haptic experience and the precisely processed sharp edges underline the high quality. The consistent design of the box surprises when lifting the lid with an optical and functional revelation. The flacon is perfectly staged by orange silk paper and a filigree gold embossing. This remarkable design sets the perfect stage for the product.

When closed, the perfume packaging provides optimal product protection, opened it is an excellent presentation packaging. After having raised the lid of the IVmeer box, two sides of the box unfold like petals of a flower. In contrast to common paperboard packaging, only two of the four sides are fixed in one edge. This creates a perfect unboxing experience when the box unfolds after having raised the lid.

The opened box focuses on the flacon. The product is held in a black paperboard inlay and wrapped in orange silk paper to achieve the best product protection.

The mechanical production of this luxury box guarantees a constantly high quality with precise, sharp edges. Independently of production quantities, gold foil embossings and the cover material which was finished with UV-varnish or gold foil embossing in a separate upstream process, can be placed very precisely and exactly by the machines.

The IVmeer box is made by KOLBUS machines for luxury packaging. Due to a quick adjustment without any tools, the box can be produced in large quantities and in short delivery time. Of particular significance are high quality, inserted magnets, sharp V-cut edges, precise processing and the highly automated manufacturing for luxury packaging with KOLBUS machines. The system KOLBUS is ideal for brand owners because it opens up new possibilities for creating personalized products and unique packaging.