Casa Petrini

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Diego Ballester
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Argentina

Work of branding, image and packaging of a great wine and tourist project located in a unique place of Tupungato surrounded by the river, this project is called Casa Petrini, which will hear a lot in the coming years.

The image of everything is inspired by the river, so much so that our slogan is “Living the River.” The river is what defines our identity, differentiates us and marks us, it is he who made our place a terroir with unique floors for our wines and a different place for our restaurant, resort and spa.

This project has people with great passion, dedication and determination for what they do and that is guaranteed success, I am talking about Ariel Angelini, Alejandra Garofolo and Eduardo Petrini.

Petrini Varietals House
Our varietal line is inspired by the magi of the vineyards planted in a soil that copies the natural journey of the Las Tunas River. Their growth, embanques and materials of drag, generate a unique terroir. Fluidity, purity and multiple soil profiles fill our wines with beautiful sensations.

Petrini Rock Volcanic House

Both the wine and the packaging express the frankness of a micro terroir with the presence of basaltic rocks, a different plot and full of unknowns. Rock Cólcanica is a wine that vibrates for its energy.

Petrini Talud House
Containment of stone and earth, which protects our vineyards from the surprising floods of the Las Tunas River. A blend that reflects the passion and challenge of cultivating where before and always will be a space of the river.