Design Studio BOB

Berlin, Deutschland

Designer: Alessia Sistori
Set Design: Lilly Friedeberg
Photography: Marc Oortman
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: D&D
Location: Lyon, France
Packaging Contents: Delicatessen, Jam, Broth, Pudding
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Jars, Paper label
Printing Process: Digital Printing

D&D is a delicatessen manufacturer in Lyon, France. The business holds on to three restaurants and one store, which sells a variety of self-manufactured products.

The most challenging thing about the re-design was to create a fresh and modern image without losing the traditional essence of this over generations existing family-business.

​The fundamental elements of the previous branding like the red color and also the traditional red and white squared pattern were kept alive, but were interpreted in a new and unique way. The colored fruit paintings in combination with the fine lined pencil illustration are building the highlight of this luxury food packaging. The elegant layout and clever details bring all the elements of this packaging together into a high class product.

What’s Unique?
All the illustrations are handmade, which gives the design a personal character and thereby fits perfectly to the traditional production methods of the company.