Montalbán Estudio

C. de Antonio Maura, 17, 50013 Zaragoza, España

Creative Agency: Montalbán Estudio
Creative directors: Víctor Montalbán & Cristina Caballero
Namers: Víctor Montalbán, Cristina Caballero & La General de Vinos
Photographs: Unpardedos Fotógrafos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: La General de Vinos
Location: Zaragoza, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine from La Rioja
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Silk-screen

We have tasted a wine you people wouldn’t believe… If white and rosé Mimbo belong to the beach and the mountains, red Mimbo goes even further. We took its design to a place it hadn’t been before: outer space. It tastes so good it seems out of this world. An now that you know about it, it is time to relax and teleport off the shoulder of Orion, near the Tannhäuser Gate, or wherever you want: it will be idyllic as long as you’re tasting Mimbo Wine. Taste it easy!