Amaya Roasting Co. Packaging Suite

Derrick Lin


Design: Field of Study
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Amaya Roasting Co.
Location: Houston, USA
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: PET, cardboard, ceramic
Printing Process: Flexography

Amaya Roasting Co. is a craft coffee roaster that believes in quality above all else. They seek out, and work with responsible and respectable coffee farmers and importers all over the world to produce beans of exceptional taste and character.

About the brand:
History and family is an important facet to the owner’s relationship with Amaya Roasting Co. The company strives to pay homage to a history of coffee growing, roasting, and importing through responsible business practices and unerring craft. We built a mythology around the brand that captured what is a pursuit equal parts passion and business.

The idea of the merchant mariner formed the core of our efforts. Amaya’s logo paints a rich image of a ship’s hold of carefully selected beans returning to be roasted by hand which is just as engaging even if the real world vessel happens to be an airplane. We emphasized the brand’s old-world craft with a combination mark and a variety of nautically inspired elements such as the ship, starts, anchor, and zig zag wave pattern. Sans-serif typography and a script which mimics flourished penmanship appear in a variety of uses and expand the brand system to avoid repetition.

Amaya Roasting Co. has a substantial variety of marketing and packaging assets which we’ve assisted in both the design and production of.

Their flat bottom coffee bags are sized for 12oz/ 340g and feature food safe printed interiors. Their coffee offerings come primarily in the form of seasonal and rotating selections so the bags, both light and dark, are designed to accommodate a label which Amaya prints in house, on demand, from a template we created for the various regions of coffee production.

Amaya has strong ecological sensibilities which dictate their business practices and when it came time to design a system for their rapidly expanding subscription coffee service, they were insistent on delivering an excellent brand experience while minimizing packaging waste. Their corrugated mailing boxes were designed around a custom dieline which snugly fits a single 12oz bag and a few pieces of swag such as a postcard or some temporary tattoos to minimize unused space for more efficient shipping. With a fully printed exterior sealed with an applied label, they make a great impression when they arrive in in the customers mailbox while still ensuring the safety of the contents.

What’s Unique?
Solid design which translates effectively across multiple packaging assets.