La Pettegola Limited Edition 2018 By Alessandro Baronciani

Publifarm S.p.A. Società Benefit

Viale Giulio Cesare, 20, 24123 Bergamo BG, Italia

Design: Publifarm
Illustrator: Alessandro Baronciani
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: BANFI
Location: Bergamo, Italy
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Produced by the famous Banfi winery of Montalcino, La Pettegola (The Gossip Girl) is a vermentino which since 2013, has been colouring the world of wine with a dash of pink. This year, in order to make it even more recognisable on the wine market, we have launched a 2018 limited edition, so that all wine lovers can enjoy its beautiful silhouette in the new and artistic bottle sleeve.

The bottle sleeve of La Pettegola 2018 limited edition, was drawn by the illustrator Alessandro Baronciani, who made it become the most elegant and admired vermentino of the year.

The illustration is a story filled with metaphorical interpretations expressing all of the sensations that are evoked whilst savouring this wine. It gives both taste and olfactory suggestions. A glass of La Pettegola is a fully satisfying experience which must be taken in sip by sip. The contrast between name and bouquet revealed during the tasting, gives the idea of a girl who suddenly appears and disappears, evolving from a sweet and carefree young woman into a lady of irresistible charm.

The bottle sleeve brings to life a story that takes the connoisseur onto a journey of experience.

“The foliage mingles and twists. A thick green blanket is formed. It’s time to open a bottle of La Pettegola before the shadows crawl back into the darkness of the night. As the cork pops the branches of the hedge quiver. A pure white face of a young woman appears from behind the leaves. Her mischievous gaze is searching for something, someone. Nobody knows.

I pour a glass of wine and in each note of white fruit lays a promise of her full and fresh taste. With every sip the girl gains more charm and charisma.

The glass is now empty and just as suddenly as she appeared, La Pettegola disappears, leaving behind only a vivid memory of an experience hard to forget.,,- Alessandro Baronciani.

Alessandro Baronciani is an Italian cartoonist and illustrator who was born in Pesaro in 1977.

Apart from collaborating with different publishers, music magazines and communication agencies, he also has a series of experimental productions which include letterbox comics, concert drawings, illustrated news reports, and non-structured books, such as his latest work ‘How to Disappear Completely’.

A keen enthusiast of art, literature and cinema, he takes inspiration from all things around him.

An unconventional free thinker, he is the author of stories about beauty and poetry. As well as being a wine amateur he is also a great lover of the sense of conviviality that only a glass of good wine, in occasion of a toast, is able to bring.

La Pettegola is a vermentino of a pale yellow colour. Its aromas are fruity and intense, with pronounced flavours of citruses and yellow peach, with floral and sage undertones. It’s a full-bodied wine characterised by a rich acidity which gives a fresh and long aftertaste.

The finish is bold, lasting and fruity

What’s Unique?
The bottle sleeve tells a story: it is a metaphorical interpretation expressing all of the sensations that are evoked whilst savouring this wine.