LeeSibDo of KSD Brewery_Korea Rice Wine (Chung Ju)



Design: KookSoonDang
Designer: Sung-Gu Hwang
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Packaging Contents: Rice Wine (Chung Ju)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset Printing

“Stronger with Alc.20 %, Smoother with Refined Rice Wine, Cheongju”

With a distinctive concept revolving around high end refined rice wine with Alc.20 %, LeeSibDo is now going to be introduce in response to growth of strong alcohol beverage market.

LeeSibDo is named after a Korean expression that refers to the Alc.20 %.

Strong yet smooth taste of this Korean refined rice wine, cheongju sets itself apart from simple and light taste of soju, and furthermore, leaves velvety and clean after taste that are rare for high alcohol beverages.

Thus, this strong, smooth yet clean tasting LeeSibDo pairs tremendously well with rich meat dishes and targets mostly male customers in their 30s or above.

What’s Unique?
Design idea of the package has been inspired from strong and smooth taste of cheongju, and to be in line with the brand naming, intuitiveness is fused into the package to effectively deliver the brand message to customers.

Distinctive brand identity made with calligraphic strokes intends to reveal strength and vigor that are often found in masculine figures, and gold color has been used for the letter 20˚ to add gentleness to the product images.

Furthermore, layout of detailed typographic elements has been added to the brand identity with calligraphic finish to thus make completion to modernist updates on high-end Korean refined rice wine, cheongju.