Makers Collectors’ Box Set



Design: Chad Michael Studio
Manufacturer: MW Luxury
Photography: Alex Bibby
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The Buck Brothers
Location: USA
Packaging Contents: Playing cards
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, textile, paper

The Buck Brothers, otherwise known as Dan & Dave, are sleight of hand practitioners who are particularly celebrated for their cardistry. They run their own business selling a range of decorative card sets and unique magic accessories.

One particularly exciting product to come from these two in recent months is the Makers Collectors’ Box Set, which was manufactured by MW. This limited edition set contains two packs of Dan & Dave’s meticulously designed Makers playing cards. Designed by Texas-based agency, Chad Michael Studio, it is comprised of a wooden box with a working lock and key system.

Our team worked closely with the designers to pick out the high quality materials that would go into the manufacture of the pack. The box itself is crafted from solid oak and bears the Makers logo on the lid. Twist the burnished brass key in the lock and you can lift up the lid to reveal a textured green leather interior and two snug recesses holding the cards.

Further details include a gold foil Dan & Dave crest on the inside of the lid, a green paper envelope to store the key, and a green suede base that will prevent scuffing. For a magic enthusiast, this luxury set is an absolute must-have.