Rima | Label Design

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Design: Lucía Antruejo Tovar
Project Type: Student Project
School: ESI | Escuela Superior de Diseño
Course: Máster
Tutor: Samuel Magaña
Location: Valladolid, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper
Printing Process: Offset printing and foil stamping

The project consisted of the design of the labels for a line of three wines: white, red and rosé. The concept chosen to develop it is the pairing of each wine with its corresponding foods. I did not want to work with specific foods and therefore to give it to young and lively air I wanted to use illustrations with vitality and energy, which provide a point of originality within the world of wine and allude in a more metaphorical way to those foods.

The name of the wine “Rima” has been chosen with that poetic sense of rhyming with something, as a metaphor of pairing, but it also seemed appropriate for being one of the phases of the process of making certain wines.

Each illustration reflects that world with which we have certain wines, giving rise to three illustrations, one for each type of grape and wine: red, pink and white.