Design: YG
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Familia Martinez Bujanda
Location: Argentina
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Foil stamping , Embossing

Bujanda Vineyard expands the Martínez Bujanda family’s portfolio with a classic variety in Rioja at competitive prices.

The idea behind this process was to develop an image with a timeless spirit, in order to make the logo stand out at the Rioja’s section in the wine rack.


  • Creating an emblematic branding to represent the bodega and its wines.
  • Differentiating the line of young wines from the rest, highlighting clear value characteristics between the Crianza, the Reserva and the Gran Reserva, without losing the essence of each element, and the image of the Vineyard as a whole.
  • Developing a striking packaging that stands out with two key aspects of the Look and Feel: Attractive and tempting, it entices the consumers to taste the wine and at the same time seduces then to make the decision to buy.

We renewed the brand’s DNA by taking key symbolic elements such as the family’s coat of arms. Also, the details were reinterpreted under a new visual language to increase its impact and make it more provocative. Now it conveys distinction, tradition and family heritage. We use the symbolic language of the Rioja marked by a classic style characteristic of the old world. Visually, the hierarchy between the elements is well marked, there are subtle refinements and the tones are neutral, preferring colors with low saturation. Graphic elements such as seals, heraldic pieces, ornamental miscellaneous pieces, among others were chosen. However, from a need to generate an important change, we carried out a restyling, a complete redesign to the preponderance of the vineyard’s name, making way for the central coat of arms.

The product’s identity was redimensioned to bring back the family’s lineage and assign new value to its history in which trajectory and tradition predominate in an elegant, contemporary and refined way.