Agency: Happy F&B
Designer: Anna Ahnborg
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Beauty products
Location: Sweden

Aroma is a range of bath and shower products, designed to create a spa-experience at home. Ideal for anyone wanting to treat themselves to a little affordable luxury.

Fragrances have a major impact on our well-being. Our task was to give the brand an identity reflecting that insight. We opted for a design that is simple and distinctive, a spectrum of soothing shades.

There are three scents, each evoking a different emotion: Sprudlande (Exuberant), Rogivande (Soothing) and Uppfriskande (Refreshing). Sprudlande has the bubbly fragrance of Japanese cherry blossom and magnolia, Rogivande the calming scent of sandalwood and ylang ylang and Uppfriskande the wonderful smell of fresh citrus and crunchy green apples. Each fragrance comes with its own colour scheme. The “o” in the logo is like a bubble, gently wafting away on a light breeze and spreading the scent.