Design: Sergio Laskin branding agency
Location: Latvia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Free O’clock
Product Launch Location: Hong Kong
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

When it comes to tea, there can be an overwhelming amount of options to choose from between flavor, brand, loose leaf vs. pouches and more. It’s almost dizzying, and that’s part of the inherent challenge of designing packaging for an oversaturated category.

For the Hong Kong-based tea brand FREEOCLOCK, we completed a full, abstract makeover to help the brand establish a name for itself. we also produced individual designs for each flavor to distinguish them from one another and add a bit of flair. Egyptian Chamomile features earth tones with bursts of turquoise while Premium Oriental Beauty delivers a contrast of olive green against a black and grey background, and the designs are as bold as the brews themselves.

What’s Unique?
When each unique and vibrant box is stacked together, their eye-catching designs are sure to stop you dead in your tracks when you’re strolling through the market.