Derrick Lin


Design: Natalie Rokosz
Project Type: Student Project
School: Ball State University
Tutor: Fred Bower
Location: Muncie, IN, USA
Packaging Contents: Anti Shark Wetsuit, Anti Shark Deterrent Spray, Anti Shark Surfing Wax
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Bamboo, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) is a new technology that was developed by Shark Mitigation Systems (SMS). They developed this new visual technology based off of research that aims to reduce the amount of shark attacks.

The brand refresh for Shark Attack Mitigation Systems was inspired by the SMS current identity. The clean and simple design resembles the original brand while also incorporating a modified design of a shark fin for the “A”. The shark fin is highlighted in the SAMS identity to exhibit how the new technology aims to protect their consumers from shark attacks.

The redesign of this packaging was inspired by the pattern of a wetsuit titled “the Elude” which was developed by SAMS. The visual technology which resembles the ocean pattern acts as a tool for camouflaging swimmers, surfers, and divers while in the water. This blue water pattern is integrated throughout the packaging design to make all of the packaged items cohesive and to highlight the new technology. I also designed packaging for other shark deterrent products that could be sold alongside the anti shark wetsuit which would include shark deterrent surfing wax and shark deterrent spray. All of these products share the idea of creating a safer ocean space for their users.

What’s Unique?
One of my objectives for this project was to not only highlight the unique patterning of the visual technology, but to also develop a new packaging system to store wetsuits. Looking through a store owner’s perspective, wetsuits take up a lot of square footage in a store. This limits retailers as to how much product they can have readily available in stock. In order to maximize product area within the store, the wetsuit is rolled into a cylinder packaging which allows more square footage for more product to be displayed on shelves. The retailers can have a few open wetsuits in store for consumers to try on, but they will have brand new wetsuits readily available for their customers to take home in new smaller packaging. The packaging also provides more advertising for the technology by showing the pattern of the wetsuit as well as their identity.

I designed packaging for other shark deterrent products such as shark deterrent spray and shark deterrent surfing wax. Both of these products were designed small enough to fit within the wetsuit packaging when it does not store the wetsuit itself. I particularly was looking at ways the consumer can continually interact with the packaging after they open the wetsuit or while they wear the wetsuit. This would allow the cylinder packaging to be reusable for its consumers. Due to its size, it creates a portable storage case to hold the smaller products while the consumer is wearing the wetsuit. The size of cylinder easily allows the consumer to take it to the beach and hold their smaller shark deterrent products such as the shark deterrent surfing wax and shark deterrent spray.