GQ Good Drink Series – A Why Not Lab Production



Design: HOUTH
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Spirits
Client GQ Taiwan
Bottle 3D modeler: 陳彥安
Bottle manufacturer: W春池計畫 / W Glass Project
Printing: 山山印刷 Demitri Kuang
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

“GQ Good Drink Series – A Why Not Lab Production” is the latest work of the GQ team “Good Drink” (GD), and cooperates exclusively with Glenfiddich Granfidi Winery to find three young and promising worlds. The champion bartenders, including GN Zhan Jiaen, Victor Yang Yibin and Jeffrey Zhang Xunjin, turned the bar into the “Why Not Lab” R&D room with the theme of “A Why Not Lab Production”. It took nearly a year to create three models. Ingredients, flavors, aromas and textures are all filled with amazing handmade bottled cocktails.

Impossible development room
Among the three new styles of bartenders, the three bartenders added a variety of singers from Scotland’s Glenfiddich 15 year single malt whisky, Taiwan’s local brewery Spring Vodka, rum and vodka. Natural ingredients and spirits are prepared. In order to highlight the impossibility of the challenge, this bottle of wine is specially designed to promote the “Spring Pool Glass” of green energy recycling glass, with more than 30% recycling. Glass material, semi-manual process, custom-made new bottle with both experiment and fashion.

Taking the three world-class champion bartenders from Taiwan as the starting point for the development of the impossible color, fragrance and taste, the old medicine cans and the ancient experimental chain gold paintings were brought into this main visual concept.