Design: Existence Design Co., Ltd
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Lubricant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

In this packaging planning, we try to use the positive, diversified, and amusing design thinking to blend into the package; especially in the cube-shaped(正方體) outer package, the storyboard of intimate actions between the both sexes is merged; no matter how you rotate the four sides of the package, the pictures of the intimate relationship can be combined; in addition to interpreting the product’s significance in itself, the design power is utilized to transmit the brand’s health attitude humorously and healthily.

JUICY LOVER is one of the brand SIANSIN’s series of adult sexual health products, which are very potential in the Chinese market. However, in the past sexual product market, there were very few brands that were forged on the basis of design thinking and design aesthetics. Nevertheless, there are more and more people that attach importance to the intimate relationship, even including sex into one of the indexes of people’s happiness. Therefore, we specially aimed at the spiritual feature behind the lubricant product when making the design, and we understand that it can facilitate the interchange of body and mind, and let love flow, whether it is used to masturbate or used between two people. Hence, when the series products of JUICY LOVER was established, we found the breakthrough point of this market, and we realize that although the focus of JUICY LOVER is sex, the part it is truly talking about is mainly the feeling of love.

JUICY LOVER’s greatest difference from the other brands is that we have made a deepgoing exploration into the diverse significance of each brand of sex products when we were doing the planning for this product. Among the competitive products of the same category, we have discovered that except for the R&D of merchandise, few lubricants mention that for the vocabulary “sex,” aside from the physiological significance, in fact the lubricant itself has more psychological feeling, which covers not only the pleasures of the flesh, but also the spiritual communication and the interaction of intimate relationship.

What’s Unique?
What’s special is that presently on the market very few lubricant brands’ R&D takes the personages with professional sexual science background to be the foundation of product development. On the contrary, SIANSIN chooses the happiness tutors with the highest authority in the Chinese world to be the core of the principal R&D team. In addition to providing the counseling services by the professional sexologists for the cases that go to the center for consultation on the issues of sexual health, sexual function, and intimate relationship, it offers people in the society the correct knowledge and answers, and endeavors to develop all sorts of good products of sexual happiness companion, being the greatest difference from the other brands.