Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Russia, Moscow
Packaging Contents: Oil, Cheese, wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Getbrand has developed a positioning, writing and storytelling for Lavka Lado, combining the best products of Georgian cuisine.

We wanted to create a new type of store own trademark in the “medium plus” segment, which will appeal to the gastronomic experience of our client, who has money for a high-quality product, as well as preferences in choosing one or another cuisine of the world.

Our idea is to give a person the opportunity to collect a “themed shopping basket” for lunch or dinner without unnecessary trouble.

We already told you about the Greek concept of Greece Is, and now it’s time for a line of Caucasian cuisine. And this is a brand invented by us under the name Lavka Lado, which received silver Pentawards and combines the best products of the Caucasian cuisine – wine, dried fruits, cheeses, khachapuri, khinkali, etc.

Lavka Lado is all your heart desires – wine, cheese, matsoni, real tkemali, freshly baked bread. In the faces of artisans – pensive, cheerful, open – the history of national Georgian cuisine. Lavka Lado combines products that have long been part of Caucasian culture. According to legend, the Lado shop is located high in the mountains, as well as the first Caucasian cheese factories in which the first known suluguni cheese was invented.

The legend of Lado wanted to be associated with the history of Georgian crafts and handicrafts. They experienced the same cultural traditions and the same human relationships. And in this way to prove the authenticity of the product.

We developed a positioning, naming and amazing story that was embodied in the design of the Lavka Lado. A Moscow artist Masha Titova helped to convey the necessary mood.

The graphics of the author (printing, engraving on cardboard) made it possible to convey the feeling in the illustrations that the characters were cut out of stone and at the same time make the characters lively and cheerful.

Lavka Lado invites you to plunge into the generous Georgian hospitality and arrange a real holiday on a large scale. Like Georgians do!