Design: Getbrand
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Russia, Moscow
Packaging Contents: Dessert
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Mirel trademark released the limited line of the legendary “Muraveinik” pastries with a walnut taste and commissioned us to create a concept design.

“Muraveinik” is a dessert loved for the very taste that is remembered from childhood, the original recipe and consistent quality. The target audience is women of 30-55 years old. For them the family is an important part of life, and the house is not just a place, but a key value concept in life. They keep family legends and recipes, remember the dishes that their mothers and grandmothers prepared. Authenticity and continuity of generations for them are of special value and warmth, but at the same time they do not seek to return the past or return to childhood, but are ready to rethink it in the context of a new time.

That is why we used the positioning, which re-thinks about the classics, which finds a response from the target audience.

In order to convey the authentic authenticity of the dessert, we chose a recognizable striped pattern, which simultaneously sends the audience to classic lambrequins of cozy pastry shops, and wrapping paper, and retro-style paper boxes.

Brand Mirel is the undisputed leader in the Russian market in the category “Fresh cakes and pastries”. The success of the brand is based on high-quality ingredients, mastery of pastry chefs, modern technologies, strict quality control and a variety of tastes – from classic recipes to fresh combinations.

The flagship product in their portfolio is the Muraveinok classic cake set. This is the most recognizable and well-selling product on the market: more than 98% of the cakes and pastries “Muraveinik” were purchased under the brand Mirel (according to the international research agency GFK).

In order to please the audience with new tastes and refresh the taste of the classic cake, the Mirel decided to release a limited edition of the legendary “Muraveinik” cake with the seasonal taste of walnut. We were tasked to create a concept design that not only reveals all the advantages of a new taste, but also conveys the features of recipes and selected ingredients, revealing the legendary pastry classics in a new way.

Focusing on the joy of taste, we built a conceptual and unusual “serving” of dessert, which favorably shows both the familiar ingredients of the traditional cake, and for a limited series of walnut pieces.
An additional element of the concept is the non-standard oval shape of the shell, which creates a unique limited series of the product itself, which currently has no analogues in the category.
The new limited edition of the “Muraveinik” pastries is an ideal option that unites lovers of foreign tastes and gourmands who love taste experiments.