The Giving Trees

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Joel Holtby
ACD: Jake Lim
Designer and Art Director: Alexandra McGuirk-Penedo
Writer: Geoff Baillie
Producer: Narine Artinian
Photographer: Dustin Gamble
Strategist: Stacy Ross
Printer: The Baitshop
Account Services: Scott Lyons and Sara Lemmermeyer
Client: Not Far From the Tree
Location: Canada
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Tote bag to carry foraged fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Canvas
Printing Process: Screen printed

Not Far From The Tree, Toronto’s fruit picking and sharing charity, has released a limited edition line of tote bags that illuminate an unexpected food source — the trees that line our neighbourhood streets.

Drawing from the City of Toronto’s open data, “The Giving Trees” tote bags are printed with maps that show people how much public fruit is available to pick and eat in their neighbourhood.

Taking inspiration from the homegrown spirit of Not Far From The Tree’s initiatives, the bags are silkscreened with hand-drawn maps and artwork inspired by the neighbourhoods they represent. Each of three designs features a unique fruit prominent in their area: a pear for The Annex, a berry for Fairbank, and a cherry for Little Portugal.

To release the bags, Not Far From The Tree hung them in public trees in time for fall harvest, encouraging passersby to find them and discover Toronto’s hidden urban orchard. Not Far From The Tree hopes that the initiative will raise awareness of the bounty of fruit that is readily available in Toronto.

An estimated 1.5 million pounds of fruit grows in the city every year, yet most of it goes unpicked and falls to waste. At the same time, produce costs in grocery stores are rising, and one in eight households struggle to afford healthy food. “The Giving Trees” bags strive to encourage the picking of Toronto’s trees to provide more people with fresh fruit.

Not Far From The Tree volunteers pick fruit from private properties in Toronto and share the bounty with homeowners, and local community food centres, shelters and social service agencies.

What’s Unique?
The tote bags have been printed with hand-drawn maps that show people the variety of public fruit to pick and eat in their neighborhood.