The new drink revolution of Mövenpick

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Derrick Lin


Design: Durgesh Goswami
Project Type: Open Brief Talent House
Client: Mövenpick
Location: Mumbai, India
Packaging Contents: Sparkling Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Bottles

Mövenpick invites graphic designers and illustrators around the world to create packaging design ideas (slim can) for the new sparkling coffee lemonade in four different flavors, to be launched 2018/2019.

The classic Mövenpick coffee target group, is based in the most sophisticated coffee drinking nations, Germany and Switzerland. In order to convince those coffee lovers, Mövenpick is looking for one of a kind design ideas – your ideas! This new product establishes a completely new category of carbonated cold coffee beverages and addresses an open minded audience between 20-45 years old. Today they have grown to like the taste of coffee but are searching for new fun ways to enjoy their caffeine kick.

The Mövenpick team looks for out of the box and innovative designs that combine the best of two worlds, the aromatic taste of freshly brewed coffee and the edgy flavor combinations such as “ginger and lime”. The design should emphasize the premium look and feel of Mövenpick and should add a special twist.

What’s Unique?
Using color palette from flavor and fruit, i trying to differentiate each variant of Sparkling Coffee. Thank OY